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Lake Mead Sunset on a boat



Lake Mead Sunset on a boat

Marine Propeller Works gallery of custom projects that we have had our hands in on welding custom parts and creating our customers toys in real life 


From start to finish, "THIS" Pontoon was a very cool build.  Yes, the customer requested there be a usable stripper pole on board for even more fun on the lake!  

Well to any "want & need" we can deliver.  We take pride in bringing your visuals to life and adding to your toy collection.  Trust that our team and quality of work speaks for itself.


28' Tritune with twin Mercury Verado

Complete project included

- Custom Interior

- Custom Sound system (LOUD)

- Powder Coated Tubular Frame

- Paneling and Vinyl Graphics

- Complete Power Package with controls and all rigging.

Pontoon "Toon" Repairs 

Toon Repair

We know how fun pontoons are.  Beaching them can be tolling on the "toons" themselves.  As well as when having many people aboard, Weight and wear will occur with use and can stress out factory weld points and other areas for structural integrity.

Does your toon sound like it has water in it?

Does your Toon weight more to one side?

Chances are, there probably is water in it.  No need to stress, We see this regularly.  Give us a call and make an appointment and we can get you back to enjoying your Pontoon

Photo Gallery Description: Locate Leak in toon, cut and prepare for repair,Repair and Welding on Pontoon "toon"

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